Month: December 2016

Where Does She Get Her Ideas?

Kids nowadays express themselves so freely and uninhibited. Sometimes, it can be amazing in a good way. At other times, it’s like “Uh-oh”. But she sees things differently now. I remember a conversation she had with her Lolo, last year. Of course we are talking about an Old Man born during the (pre-liberation years). This man measures intelligence with academic performance. That was how things had been for the longest time. Lolo: So, who is the highest (scorer) in your test? She: Me. Lolo: What is (friend’s name)’s score? She: I don’t know. I don’t remember? Lolo: Is (same...

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Long Distance Parenting (LDP)

LDR?!? Long distance relationship with a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a partner. Passe!!! I’m into LDP or long distance parenting. This is not in any way new. Many solo-parents like me have to endure this arrangement. It is when you choose to stay apart from your child or children to work in the city or in another country. However in my case, as I am also a solo-parent, I cannot be NOT A PARENT!!! We, who have chosen to do LDP juggle the responsibilities of being a parent amidst the distance. When I decided to go for this arrangement,...

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Don’t Call Me Special

A few months ago, she wanted to read me a story and she chose “Don’t Call Me Special: A First Look At Disability” by Pat Thomas Title Don’t Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability Authors Pat Thomas, Lesley Harker Illustrated by Lesley Harker Edition illustrated, reprint Publisher Barron’s, 2002 She was three when I first read this book to her. She saw it in my bag. I’m guessing she took it because it looked like her storybook from the cover. This delightful picture book explores questions and concerns about physical disabilities in a simple and reassuring way....

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#BunnyMunckin: My Most Beloved and Favorite Pupil

But of course, she is!!! She is my unica hija, my little love, my precious. Have to stop on that trail of thought. I could almost hear Gollum from the back of my head saying that; “my Precious”. Oh, and how crazily she chuckles at the sound of that scratchy, gnarled voice when she was about three months old until age two. Her fascination with it remains until now. She has always liked it when we play different voices as we converse. For her it’s like having many different characters or people talk, and she enjoys that. Now, come...

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