Month: December 2016

My 4 Points Why Moms are the Best Teachers

It is generally believed that learning begins the moment babies come in the real world. Now, of course, some researches and studies have been done to say that babies can learn even while still in their mothers’ womb. Whichever way, it shows that the one responsible for introducing new experiences of life are the mothers. Mothers are the very first teachers everyone has. Teaching is among the gifted quality of mothers. At a tender age, mothers teach their children basic things of life such as walking and talking. Then, after the mothers teach the children to walk, he/ she...

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About Me

Professionally, I am Teacher Christine, sometimes Ms. G. I am a Special Education Specialist and Learning Consultant. I do psycho-educational/developmental assessment of children with special needs and develop learning programs for them. I also do therapeutic teaching, behavior therapy and coaching, and services consulting. I have worn many different hats over the years, but despite the accolade; to one girl, I am MOTHER. And since she came along, life has become more exciting. The spotlight is on her. She says I am her best teacher. To me, I am more importantly her mom. She is my world, we learn...

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