Month: January 2017

Shoe Laces and SpongeBob!!!

Amongst every childhood milestones is learning to tie our shoe laces. Once upon a time, in our lives, we struggled with those laces, loops and bunny ears too. And needless to say, having had years of teaching children, I know it is not an easy task for them. Whoa!!! and for us adults, it is not an easy thing to teach either. In my field of Special Education, we even Task Analyze that into step-by-step process. I’ll share more on that “art” in Teacher’s Teacher in the next days. So…let’s go back to my trail of thoughts…as mother on...

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Bathing in the Rain Is More Than Just FUN (It’s good for our skin!)

I have just posted on how much we love bathing in the rain and I know not all of us are pretty sure it is still a safe thing to do as we did during our childhood. Yes, our world has gone through many changes and a lot of safe things then may not be so safe now. Rain, as we should have it, is the purest form of water that is good for our skin. But here are a few things we need to know about rain: First, we have to consider is our location on the globe....

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Happiness Is Dancing In The Rain

For me and my Bunny Munchkin, bathing in the rain is always a good and fun time for us. It is amongst the times when I become a “buddy” to her. Personally, for me, it brings back carefree days of childhood and youth. I recall how much excitement the rain brings to me and my friends. We’d go out of our houses run around the neighborhood (village). If the rain is long enough we end up finding ourselves in the next neighborhood or subdivision or yes, as I said, village. We’d be playing tag as we bathe. I even...

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Quick Glimpse on Piaget and Erikson

In my professional practice I have to be keen with children’s development. I have to learn Child development theories which focus on explaining how children change and grow over the course of childhood. Of course, every theory centers on various aspects of development including social, emotional and cognitive growth. Amongst my first favorite (even when I was in college) were those of Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson. Somehow, the stages in their theories have served as quick-look manual for me over the years. Theorist Jean Piaget on the other hand suggested that children think differently than adults and proposed...

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Holiday is Over

For a mom in LDP, holidays and vacations are bliss. It is a moment of quality time spent with my daughter, BunnyMunchkin. I think I got quite overwhelmed and was caught b/w our little together time and my much sought-after sleep on my beloved bed that I forgot about writing. And my three-week holiday is now over (sobs..buhuhu). It broke me to pieces when she told me a few nights before I left her again that our together-time is almost over in a few days and I have to fly back to Manila. She went on to say she’ll...

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