Month: February 2017

Task Analysis (A Special Education Concept)

A task analysis is a process by which a task is broken down into its component parts. If you think about it, everyone uses task analysis at some point, even if it is unconsciously. If not; how else would anyone learn to complete processes? Well, as the adage goes, we all walk before we run. But sometimes, It is easy to forget that some tasks need to be broken down into smaller tidbits, because after a time, they become like second nature to us. Then as adults, we often expect children to be able to figure out the steps...

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Learning Stretches A Bit More Than Expected When Kids Help Each Other

So now it’s shoe laces that got me writing and storytelling. Got me tinkering on the keyboards and strung my thoughts together. Here’s what started this trail… One morning, one pupil approached me to help her with her shoes. I just motioned for her to put her foot in front of me. And so she did. Before I even touched the shoe laces, she beamed out saying; “I can do the knot but that’s all for now.” Me: That’s a pretty good start. So, it will be a little similar but you have to loop up now. Then, I...

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