Month: April 2017

SMURFS: The Lost Village

The BunnyMunchkin and I played-up an interview session about the movie. Here is the interview transcript: Q: What movie did you watch? A: SMURFS: The Lost Village   Q: When did you see it? A: April 2, 2017   Q: Where did you watch the movie? A: At Shangri-la Cineplex movie house   Q: What is the movie about? Can you briefly tell me the story? A: Smurfette. Yes! Smurfette was the only girl in the village, so she was curious about what she really was like until they went to the lost village. Smurfette felt at home in...

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Helping A Child Towards Excellence

Another academic year has come to an end, I think it is very important for both parents and teachers to remember that neither have anything close to complete control when things don’t turn out well for the children. In fact, in most cases should not neither should shoulder all the blame. But parenting does matter. So does teaching. In my personal credo; I believe parents and teachers can have a serious impact on the goals, strategies, and personal philosophies of children. Hence, how we lead them towards excellence is more elemental. Here are some beacon to developing the value...

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It Not All About the Winning

Twice in a row now!!! My BunnyMunchkin has grabbed the first honors. Consequently, she is the recipient of the Excellence Award. Way-back Kindergarten, she finished with third honors. I will not lie about being most proud and happy of her. She is extremely happy about herself and her achievements. In fact, she intends to hoard more medals…LOL!!! (I just kid her about being a medal-hoarder…some personal joke). I still tell her it’s not all about the winning, the medals, nor  the rank. It has not been an easy journey for her and me. Although, she has always been competitive...

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