Month: May 2017

Share Worthy: Children with Far Away Parents

This post struck a chord in my heart. Being away from my kid, I know and understand her efforts in understanding our situation. It is never easy for young kids…and this is such a sweet gesture. So, I echo and I quote this post: “While even young children may be able to understand their parents’ absences, that does not stop them from feeling sad or disappointed especially when it feels like every other child has their supportive parents right by their sides.” Dad Fighting Overseas When Mom Sees Her LOSE It During Daddy-Daughter Cheer, Then Student Hops Fence I...

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Grandmas are Best-est!!!

If mommies are the best teachers…then grandmas are the best-est teachers!!!! Simple equation, right. We all learned a great deal from our own moms. Hence, if I am now doing a good job at this (although, I honestly don’t always feel like I do) then, the Lola (grandma) has done better. She did an awful great job on me (not to mention my other three siblings and the mommy other people to whom she has acted as a”mother-figure”). She taught us high in logic and science and low on superstition. Some kids may have been told that thunder happens...

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Mother’s Day Far From Her

I have been receiving Mother’s Day greeting since last week. I puposefully ignored most of it because I didn’t feel much for the holiday. I felt a twitch in my heart knowing it’s Mother’s Day and I am not with her – my BunnyMunchkin. At almost the same moment I was feeling the mommy-blues surround me. I was thinking; “What the hell am I far from her for, if the purpose for doing so isn’t even met!?!” I was frantic and sad all at once. I was thinking she deserved something better…or maybe even someone better. I began to...

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Happy Mother’s Day

To all fellow MOMS. We all have set on a journey of changes, adaptation and assimilation. We have signed in to be multi-taskers doing our best on shifting gears from one role to the other. We are mothers, homemakers, chefs, house-keepers, teachers, nurses, coaches, role models, story-tellers, monster killers, planners/organizers, decorators, crafters, best friends, magicians, clowns, superheros…and so many more) Kudos to dealing with all those stuff as artfully as possible and with much grace!!! Happy Mother’s...

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