Month: June 2017

Weekend Breakfast by the Sea

As I have been feeling busy for the past days, this is a late post. Last Saturday morning the Kidilet (BunnyMunchkin) and I prepared her packed breakfast for the beach. She and her friends agreed to go there early. It’s the Feast of St. John and it’s customary for townfolks to bathe in the sea. Preparing the small packed breakfast reminded me of my younger days. My friends and I would agree to go jogging on weekends or on days we don’t have school. We don’t really jog, we usually just walk. With a one and half kilometer or...

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Home Is Bliss: She Is Home

I arrived a couple of weeks ago. The day I arrived I was eager to spend time with my Kidilet, the Bunny Munchkin. But I was also tired from that day’s itinerary. I went home to a room that was all messy. Her stuff were all around the room. Actually, it was all around the house. The next days were more tiring. It was not easy keeping up with all her mess and our desire to spent QT (Quality Time). I can’t even beam proud to say that I have accomplished my “declutter mission”. But time with her is...

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Here’s a little toy little girl left me last April.  She is a baby raccoon  according to her.  I called her RB for a while until she told me that the name was Violet. Violet likes nuts.  She joins our video calls (with me,  changing my voice into a squirky little cracking voice). She enjoys me playing up with my voice a lot.  😂😅😂And that is not something I will always do openly. After a while,  she told me more truth about Violet.  Violet happens to be the daughter of a Marvel hero!!!  Violet is Rocket’s daughter. Rocket is...

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Mommy in Far Far Away

Almost all (if not ALL) moms want to grow, to learn and to accompany their child’s life journey. Which generally means we wan to be present in every moment of our child’s life. But sadly, this doesn’t always happen for all moms. Many mothers find themselves facing life far far away from family and their children. I am lucky enough to be just a few cities, provinces and waters away from my BunnyMunchkin. There are some who endure much farther distance. It’s not anything new for most Filipino families, many mothers have found themselves in the land of Far Far Away,...

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It Is OK to Be Sad

The first few months after leaving her was “easy peasy (lemon squeezy)!!!” It was an absolute breezy. By the third month, she started feeling the “third-month-itch”. She was starting to be moody when we talked. At times, she avoided talking to me altogether. My daughter becamen quite irritable when we talked. Knowing how she handles missing people and knowing she missed me, I make extra effort to constantly talk to her. But even that did little help. One conversation we had where she sounded so irritated went like… ME: Why do you talk to me like that? SHE: Cause I...

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