Month: August 2017

We Get All Done (Or Do We?!?)

Supermoms…Wonder Woman…eXhausted!!! Yet, we  it get it ALL done 🙂 Or do we?!? Don’t sweat thinking about whether we did it. For the love of life!!! Celebrate. Yay!!! It’s Friday. We survived. Ah…Never mind if there are a couple un-ticked items. We cannot spread ourselves too thin. I’ve written about putting out that cape down for the mean time. And yes, we don’t really need to have it 24/7. Superheroes gotta change into their alter egos too. They do so, for a bit of rest from being the invulnerable, indomitable and invincible. So yeah…give yourself a break. Let’s give ourselves some pat on the back too. It wasn’t all easy work. Let’s be happy we got some things off that list. It would be great to have super powers. That will make us feel that we are all so good. Cause, often, we feel we haven’t really done good. Not even little good. U-huh, we are our greatest critics and we under-value our work. But you know what, no matter how terrible you feel about yourself and how ugly you see yourself; you kid/s, they feel and see you as the best and most beautiful. Seriously…My daughter loves to squeeze herself into me all the time. Any little moment she finds such availability, she will press herself on me, stick on to me like a slug ( a charming...

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Understanding Teacher Graduate Programs

Teacher friends are asking about Graduate Studies.  Usually, when a teacher makes the decision to advance their careers in education, they will need to pursue a graduate-level degree. Now, the common dilemma they face is whether to pursue a master of arts in education degree, master of education or a master of arts in teaching degree. Truth is, all programs have their own merits. And if you are working for credits on your profession, all will yield such credit. Another truth is that not all universities within your area may not offer all three. What becomes more important is...

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The Power of Pause in 3-2-1

Yeah, It’s midweek; hump day; “cray-cray” (whirls around your ears) point in our week. We may have accomplished half what we’ve intended for the week by now. But, yeah we have more new stuff on the list. We have some last minute add-ons for that to-do list of ours. And with all these, it’s really easy to feel stressed, burdened and cramped. Sometimes, we may even panic!!! Now, PAUSE in 3-2-1. Yes, I invite you to pause. Even a musical score has pauses between notes. There’s power in pause.  It grounds us back and brings us a little calm....

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