Month: September 2017

TeachBits: Have an Occasional Dinner-Table Discussion

Have an occasional dinner-table discussion with your class. Eat lunch with your students once in a while. What you’ll learn can be worth a great deal.   Yesterday was Family Meal Day. I didn’t write anything about that. But today, I want to take a little spin from it. I want to take “family meal” into the classroom and school. Afterall, school is supposed to be the second home. During my early teaching years; back when I was teaching the Nursery class, I often wound up having my snack breaks with the kids. I sit with them and eat...

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She Did Not Do Her Homework!!! Dealing with Consequences and Facing Up

We make choices everyday. Sometimes, we make very good choices. Some others we don’t. And when the latter happens, we just have to deal with its consequences and deal what we have at the moment. This morning supposedly started earlier as she has requested before sleeping for me to wake her up so she can finish up her homework. Yes, I hear you. There was weekend. (I nodding my head now). Actually, the homework was given Wednesday. Thursday was declared a holiday. And Friday is no academic class day. She felt she could leave it off for the weekend. Weekend...

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On Children (by Khalil Gibran from The Prophet)

On Children by Khalil Gibran has been running in my thoughts for a week now. I first came upon his poems when I in high school. His book The Prophet was mentioned in another book I read around the same time. It was depicted as one book of worthy read and wisdom. I was naturally intrigued and looked for this book. I have read The Prophet after a few poems from Gibran. On Children has since then been etched in my heart. The book is one of my all-time favorites. On Children  Kahlil Gibran Your children are not your...

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Living Through and Embracing the Imperfection

Many of us has been on that moment of posting a photo of our child because we loved the looked in their eyes or we found it a memory worth keeping. Then we get a message from our circle asking why we posted it when it showed the messy living room. But we weren’t taking a photo of the messy living room. We were capturing a moment in our child’s life. We were documenting our lives with them. The mess, the imperfection is part of that life. It is our life. So, we accept the imperfection, live through it...

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How To Help A Special Needs Child in A Regular Classroom

I recently had a friend reach out to me for some advice. Their school had began to apply the DepEd policy on zero-reject of students with special educational needs. She now has a student in her class with some special needs she is not familiar with. And she expresses difficulty with the child. I am aware that their school does not have a SpEd unit/department. So, I asked her if the student has a diagnostic report forwarded to their school administration; there was none. But she said the child was indeed requiring special education. I further asked were there...

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