Month: October 2017

Schools As Platforms for Learning Social Responsibility

Schools are great allies in reinforcing and learning a sense of responsibility in our children. Teachers, educators and school administrators should scaffold our children into becoming better citizens and members of our society. Schools are essentially great platforms for learning social responsibility. In general, responsibility is being answerable or accountable for something that is within someone’s control. Personal responsibility is the self-motivated effort directed to decision making that will enhance personal well being. Social responsibility is when our children are able to accept ideas and beliefs of others while continuing to respect and care for peers’ feelings in order...

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Teaching Responsibility: Share-of-Care

It is quite common for every home and household to introduce the concept of and teach responsibility through house chores. And it is a timeless strategy that has worked over centuries. However, I want to be clear that we shouldn’t just give them random or even specific chores like we would give orders they need to comply with. Responsibility is not simply obedience. It is important that we communicate the necessity of their doing the chore. We need to help them understand that doing it shows that they care. Teaching responsibility or Share-of-Care is the very essence of them...

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Affective Domain of Learning: Readiness and Attitude

My years of practice in Special Education and Coaching Behaviors have made me quite keen to observe the child’s readiness as a precursor to any teaching or presentation of stimuli. In as much as there are cognitive and psychomotor domains in learning; the quintessential affective domain matter. We cannot teach anything to a child who is not ready. Nowadays, many children are bombarded with multi-sensory stimuli to which they are not cannot acknowledge; hence cannot tolerate. We excitedly jump into teaching the child academics, the letters, the numbers, colors, etc. But is the child able to fix his attention...

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Making Empathy Our Children’s Inner Voice

Over the last decade or so, the idea of empathy has been ringing bells. Our workplaces have been urging employees to be more emphatic towards customers and clients. It is detrimental to the success of their businesses. They say it should come naturally. However, more often, it doesn’t. It has not been our inner voices. But empathy is an essential skill, it is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is a good inner voice to give our children. Making empathy our children’s inner voice requires that we willingly open and become honest about our...

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Child Development Is A Personal Matter: We Each Ripen At Our Own Time

Human development is a personal matter; where each child grows on his own personal manner. Each child should be permitted to grow at his/her own rate. We see the same thing all throughout nature. Flowers don’t all bloom at the same time and fruits in a bunch don’t ripen altogether either. Hence, why insist our children to all grow the same way? In as much as development is a systematic and orderly change where our children experience a gain or loss in abilities as they live; there is no way that all development is the same. Of course, there...

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