Month: May 2018

Mother’s Day

Many civilizations have created ways to honor motherhood. It became an official observance in the United States in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation. It named the second Sunday of May as a day for public expression of love and reverence for mothers. Many other countries followed suit. Every mom is different. We mother in different ways. That should be kept as a personal thing and respected. Today, let me share a beautiful song to celebrate motherhood. My mother’s day thoughts: If not for my daughter, I would never have the full blessings of motherhood. And I thank...

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Out On a Date With Her

Fri-yay!!! A good day for a Fri-date.  A simple day-out to be shared by just us. And of course, there is the Mother’s Day weekend coming.  Truth is, we’ve had more than just a day to date this week. And that is great on our standards. Any time spent together is great! Just out on a date with her. She has been an Iron Man fan since she was young. She was then very proud to say that “Iron Man is her favourite superhero.” She even used to compare my Clark Kent with her Tony Stark. And that fondness...

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Developing Her Growth Mind-Set

This is rather a late post about my conversation with my daughter during their Recognition Rite. I am, as ever, most proud to be her mom. She has landed the highest mark for her class. But the sweetest reward was realizing she is developing her “growth mind-set” or grit well. On our way home, she told me her classmates were teasing her and asking if they can have an exchange of brains. She: Ma, they told me, hawd kuno ko kayo, bailo na lang kuno mi ug utok! (Ma they told me, I was excellent, we should exchange brains!)...

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We Needed A Break

The last post was from January, and it ha been quiet. We needed a break. Yup, it was just back from the holiday; then, but as it turned out she needed more than the holiday. As days went by, she claimed a need to emotionally anchor back to me. She has become unsure of how she should express her emotions and she felt at times, she needed to deny her feelings and quiet down her curiosity. She felt she has no one who would sit down with to ask. In many ways, it ached inside me. How could one...

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