I have just posted on how much we love bathing in the rain and I know not all of us are pretty sure it is still a safe thing to do as we did during our childhood. Yes, our world has gone through many changes and a lot of safe things then may not be so safe now.

Rain, as we should have it, is the purest form of water that is good for our skin. But here are a few things we need to know about rain:

First, we have to consider is our location on the globe. Well, luckily for me and my Bunny Munchkin, we have always situated ourselves near the country side. You know, where there are not much motor vehicles to pollute the air badly. Now, if you are absolutely so lucky, you may be on the Swiss Alps. Oooh and the rain water is likely so great and pure.

However, if we are anywhere near the city we will get only toxic rain water diluted with the pollutants of the atmosphere. Now, that is TOXIC RAIN. Not really good for anyone.

Going back to the nature of the water that comes with the rains then we should have to say it is good for our skin. As we have it, rain water is the purest form of soft water, that is, water that is not alkaline. Hence, boiling the water from the rains and then bathing in it might be good for our skin. Honestly, since soft water is becoming increasingly rare these days so in that respect your skin does benefit from rains.

Mommy Teacher Notes!!!

1. I have read many times that it is safer to avoid the first rains of monsoon.
They say, the first few showers wash away the pollution of the atmosphere. So if it is safer to get wet and dirty when it has been raining consistently for about a week.

2. If you’re still very skeptic about the rain damaging your skin cells, there is way to protect it.
Go out in the rains after applying a water-proof lotion or water-proof sunscreen. I believe even a body oil will do the job. The cream/oil will insulate the skin against the chemicals in the rain.

Now, all that said; we can keep our skin rain-safe. So now, go on and enjoy that dance in the rain.