If mommies are the best teachers…then grandmas are the best-est teachers!!!!

Simple equation, right. We all learned a great deal from our own moms. Hence, if I am now doing a good job at this (although, I honestly don’t always feel like I do) then, the Lola (grandma) has done better. She did an awful great job on me (not to mention my other three siblings and the mommy other people to whom she has acted as a”mother-figure”).

She taught us high in logic and science and low on superstition. Some kids may have been told that thunder happens because St. Peter in heaven is having his rounds at bowling. We got our lecture about atmospheric vacuum and how air rapidly expands and contracts of sort. We don’t have “pasma”, “binat” or “usog”; we were simply sick of whatever and we need medication from the pharmacy.

She has undoubtedly femme aura. She was poised and reserved. But not to be deceived as she was the “Ultimate Handy-Woman” of the house. She was a Macgyver mom. She did electronic wiring and repairs. She drilled holes on our walls and mounted stuff. Hah!!! She can even match up with Super Mario!!! She knew plumbing.

But as I said earlier, she was femme. Mama was also Matha Stewart who surrounded us with beautiful things. She kept our home in coordinated curtains, slips and cushions which she lovingly sewed. She also arranged flowers and almost kept the house with fresh ones every week. Her artistic flairĀ hence taught us to appreciate beauty and arts.

Then again, she was almost highly skeptic about everything we say and so apt at mainatining a poker face; so we (my siblings and I) we learned the art of skillful convincing. Oh how silly she thought of us when we were telling her we had elves in our home…seven of them!!! I could read her mind going: “And..I am Snow White???” from her facial expression.


And of course, her ever non-chalant air and quick-to-shrug-off manuever when someone gets too touchy and smmochy with her; to which my daughter complained about during their first meeting. My daughter interpreted it as an expression of dislike. She cried telling me her Lola doesn’t love her because she doesn’t want her to kiss nor hug her. But now my BunnyMunchkin understands her ways. That such is normal. And not all mothers are the same.

As I am on my long-distance parenting act, she serves as my BunnyMunchkin’s fortress too. And although, there may be things we won’t agree on and things I would prefer for my child to learn differently; she remains a refreshing image in our lives.

Beside, I am the way I am because she taught me well. After all, even science has it; we get our smarts from our moms!!!