She saw this as her Tita’s post. The sight of this picture turned her eyes green with envy. She has a good number of books too. She started her love for books at a young age. Actually, she had been collecting books since she was a baby. Of course, initially, I was collecting for her. Now, obviously, for this BunnyMunchkin; her Reading Nook is wanting.

With all her books unjustly tucked into the shelves, I have a coming project. I will build her small library/reading nook.

Along with the development of that neatly looking piled books, she will also begin to write about the books she reads. (Hopefully) She has volunteered and in fact kind of insisted that she choose and write about the books for that section in my blog. Lucky for me, she is a great procrastinator. She has made our LDP arrangement an excuse for not being able to write.

Well, she’s got no excuse now. I”m making her her library/reading nook and I am here to stay with her.