Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

The past days reminded me of how I have become a perpetual learner or forever learner. And this would be amongst my parents’ greatest legacy to us. My parents taught us to love learning. It wasn’t necessarily loving school. I remembered not loving it when I was young. But, I loved learning. I loved the assimilation of knowledge, the feeling of that concept sinking in and making sense. I eventually loved communicating what I have learned and being able to live it out.

As a Filipino, I grew up with parents reminding us that the only inheritance they can pass on was education. It is a very common sermon for Filipino families. My parents gave us as much access as possible to gaining knowledge through books. We have become readers because of this. Consequently, we could not stop ourselves. We just never stop learning, inquiring, knowing because life never stops teaching too.

I am a firm believer that anyone can be our teachers too. My students have taught me greatly over the years. Strangers, new acquaintances, the erudites, even the street-folks have given me perspectives of things and life. My daughter, herself, teaches me every single day. I have become more open and accepting of what life throws at me because it is a way of learning (or awakening). Just, never stop learning because life will never stop teaching too.