Yeah, It’s midweek; hump day; “cray-cray” (whirls around your ears) point in our week. We may have accomplished half what we’ve intended for the week by now. But, yeah we have more new stuff on the list. We have some last minute add-ons for that to-do list of ours. And with all these, it’s really easy to feel stressed, burdened and cramped. Sometimes, we may even panic!!! Now, PAUSE in 3-2-1.

Yes, I invite you to pause. Even a musical score has pauses between notes. There’s power in pause.  It grounds us back and brings us a little calm. When we are calmer, we do things better. And that is what we want for the people we love; better things, better food, and a better version of us.

I agree with Richa Badami, a wellness and performance coach. Badami says, “Sometimes the simplest solutions are hidden in plain sight. Taking brief pauses throughout the day can be simple and effortless and still have a profound impact on your life and work. “

Let’s count backwards and…

  1. Disconnect

Put everything down for a while. Shut down the PC/laptop and get off the phone. Stay clear of possible distractions. (So, yes, should you need to hide in the pantry of closet for your sanity, go ahead by all means!!!)

  1. Breathe

Necessarily, when we pause, we breathe. Not that you haven’t been breathing, but this is a more consciously paced breathing which makes you physically stronger. It allows you to clear your mind. Inevitably, enables you to think more intentionally and purposefully. You can even try some yoga breathing exercises.

  1. Pace and Space

In writing, we leave a very few micrometer space between words. In telecommunications, they have what they call white spaces, which refer to frequencies allocated to a broadcasting service but not used. Most often in almost everything (even molecules) there are gaps and spaces in between. Same goes with our lives; we intentionally and purposefully pace our tasks to create spaces. This allows us to respond more calmly and thoughtfully on matters at hand.

How did that pause go today?

Hopefully good, you can go back to this hump day and finish up the next days to complete the week load.