Many of us has been on that moment of posting a photo of our child because we loved the looked in their eyes or we found it a memory worth keeping. Then we get a message from our circle asking why we posted it when it showed the messy living room. But we weren’t taking a photo of the messy living room. We were capturing a moment in our child’s life. We were documenting our lives with them. The mess, the imperfection is part of that life. It is our life. So, we accept the imperfection, live through it and embrace it completely.

We all know how mothering can be overwhelming on it’s own. We all have our personal standards in our head on how we should be. Often enough, it’s a very high standard to keep up with. There’s nothing wrong with that; we all want what is best. But, to have other people impose their standards is another thing. Let’s allow them to live in their perfect lala-land and create it for themselves. We, just keep our lives going on an everyday basis.

It’s not easy!!! I swear you, it isn’t. I am not a saint. I’m not flawless. I don’t know everything. I am not perfect, either. And I love that I am not. I embrace that imperfection. I’ve decided to live through with it. Alongside, I have accepted to accept their criticisms and judgements. But don’t get me wrong, it still infuriates me at times. And oh!!! Do I not have the most uncontrollable mouth and temper when the button is pushed.

Life is not a race to see who runs the fastest. It’s not about being totally sturdy and not fumbling along. We may run fast, we may run slow but it we all get to the end. We may fall much and get scraped all over; or we get lucky enough, we don’t fall at all. We still run and we will all reach the same end. We live through the scrapes and bruises and imperfect run or we live through the glory while it lasts.

Life is neither a gallery to showcase the finest, most perfected and grandest. Even the best of art, has a quick in it. We embrace that quick, because life isn’t perfect. We may not live in the house or neighborhood preferred by others. It’s ours and likely, we have a whole village or community with it. It may not be the perfect bunch of people; but the realest you can get. We may not have done one task the way they want us to do. We did ninety-nine other tasks pretty well. It may go unappreciated for the lack of one but we got some done. We cannot do all. We aren’t super-beings. We live through the lack and compensate.

Life is not a glossy magazine. It’s more like a newspaper. It doesn’t come with laminated pages, it’s papers are raw. The content has the good and the bad. We get a dose of humor and a little of fun and a lot of what goes around. We live through and embrace the imperfection.