Some of the most simple things in our lives are the most easily forgotten. I am a Catholic. I won’t say I am a very religious person, but I am confident in my God, our relationship and my faith. I can safely say, I am a person with a good and founded spirituality. Pope Francis nailed teaching values beautifully. He says that passing our faith to our children can be as simple as spending time with them, mostly as they play.

I believe that passing our faith to our children is important. Passing the value of faith and hopefulness is elemental. Doctrines can be learned and fully understood as they grow. Our task is to lay the foundation that will support all the doctrines and teaching.

We teach so many things to our children as we spend time with them. We show  lot of what we value and what is important to us as we play with them.

I will not play hypocrite and say, I am able to constantly do this. I don’t always get to spend time with my daughter in a manner where I teach what is valuable. Inasmuch as I encourage her to pray, to seek God and his goodness; I am also quick to pour exhaustion on our “we-time”. Passing our faith to our children can be simple as being present with them; to play, to listen, to be at the moment.

It takes more effort. But don’t beautiful things usually take more time…and more effort.