I am pleased to announce that Her Mommy Teacher is now opening my door to English services through online English classes, writing, editing and proofreading jobs.

We all know that not everyone speak English everyday. Neither can everyone speak it well. I live in a country whose national language isn’t English. Although, I grew up using English very often, in school and even at home. I am also raising my daughter to communicate in English well. English was her first language. But she has pretty much adapted to her environment and now speaks the local vernacular (Bisaya) with much ease and good fluency too. Of course, occasionally, we also speak the national language, Filipino (closely associated to Tagalog).

I have done this because I am fully aware that English is the most used communication tool in the world. It is not just for people with special skills, it’s for everyone willing to learn it, and are thinking globally.

Over the past three years of teaching English online, I have heard the most common benefits and reasons for learning English from my students to be the following:

Increase chances of career advancement and employment

English has been a default option for many forms of communication world-wide. Consequently, knowing how to speak it creates a significant appeal on one’s resume or CV. It significantly boosts one’s hiring potential. And when on the job, significantly increases the chances for promotions too.

Better chances of getting into good schools or into scholarship grants

Not all the great schools exist in English-speaking nations, but as I have mentioned earlier, English has been a default language of choice. Knowing English provides you an incredible edge if you want to be seriously considered for college or university entrance. More so, for scholarship grants.  I am not saying that non-English speakers won’t gain entry; it just becomes much more challenging. Paper works that needs to be written in English can sometime be a burden (but, I’ll gladly help you out through online English classes, writing, editing and proofreading jobs).

Greater enjoyment and access to information, classical literature and films

The internet, known as the information highway has about 55% of its content in English. Many of the world’s classical work in literature and film over the past centuries are also written in English. Of course, there is always translation but access becomes inevitably easier when one knows the English language.


There are many English speaking nations across the globe. Or if not really speaking the language, it has become an unofficial second language for other countries. It gives you a good chance of meeting English speakers many cities which make travelling fun and easy.


Many people nowadays highly consider migration to another country. Often, the preferred countries of choice are English speaking nations. Living in a new country entails getting a job, and I have already said how it is impacted by knowing the English language. Daily living also gets easier to live by if one can communicate in the language.

All those said, Her Mommy Teacher is now opening my door to online English classes, writing, editing and proofreading jobs.

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