It is generally believed that learning begins the moment babies come in the real world. Now, of course, some researches and studies have been done to say that babies can learn even while still in their mothers’ womb. Whichever way, it shows that the one responsible for introducing new experiences of life are the mothers. Mothers are the very first teachers everyone has.
Teaching is among the gifted quality of mothers. At a tender age, mothers teach their children basic things of life such as walking and talking. Then, after the mothers teach the children to walk, he/ she will be able to run. Altogether, with the mothers’ teachings, children create a permanent impression of how they should be in life.
Moms are undoubtedly the best teachers. And here are some key notes why they definitely are:

They teach beyond basic literacy and goes on to communication skills

Mother teach their newborn the basics of communication, way before he/she starts going to school, starting with loving gestures and unusual words followed by early alphabets and numbers ‘ABC..’, ‘123..’ and so on. It is because of that every one of us can express to each other about what we feel.

They teach relationships and loyalty

I firmly believe that mothers are responsible for a better society. Through their best example of how they devote all their life towards their families with inseparable love and affection without failing, mothers teach the essence of being loyal. The mothers’ relationship with her friends also strengthens this idea and serves as foreground for the children’s friendships and relationships.

They inspire their children to go to the next level and gain confidence

Children learn to initiate their walk with help of their mothers. They serve as the greatest inspiration enabling a child to upgrade from his/her cradle into their first steps. A mother’s belief in her child and her time to time conversation help to boost self-confidence in an individual, which makes children believe in making the impossible task easy and possible. They teach perseverance and passion in life.

They are consistent and steadfast evaluators

In our lives, we do many things without truly knowing its consequences. Like teachers, our mothers evaluate every activity of her children irrespective of his age. They inform their children of what it is right or wrong in whatever they are pursuing.
In a greater picture, both teachers and mothers are the foundation of a better society through their good teachings, but mothers are the best teachers. They stand with their children in almost every walk of life supporting their offspring to make better and better all the time.