But of course, she is!!! She is my unica hija, my little love, my precious.

Have to stop on that trail of thought. I could almost hear Gollum from the back of my head saying that; “my Precious”. Oh, and how crazily she chuckles at the sound of that scratchy, gnarled voice when she was about three months old until age two. Her fascination with it remains until now. She has always liked it when we play different voices as we converse. For her it’s like having many different characters or people talk, and she enjoys that. Now, come to think of it, I haven’t tried making her listen to AM radio dramas…maybe, she’ll find that fun too.

Most of my friends know I refer to her as #Kidilet too. In reality she’s not much that “little kid”, but she knows she forever will be my “little kid”…my “baby”. And like all parents, I wish every single day she won’t grow-up TOO fast.

When she was younger, many called her “Kulit”. I didn’t want that too much. Although, I call her Kulit too. I was kinda thinking she might “act” it or “be” it. But somehow, she seemed to feel it was a term of endearment more than anything else.

She is my #BunnyMunchkin, my most beloved and favorite pupil. I am most happy teaching her. I enjoy seeing that expression of wonder in her eyes when she learns anew. She knows I teach. She has always considered me her teacher. I have been hands-on mommy to her, so she has big attachment to me too. We used to watch BabyTV together. I showed her Sesame Street. She made me appreciate Barney and Yo Gabba-gabba. In between those, I have delighted preparing “learning moments” for her in every task we do and I still do. I used to say, “If I could do those things for my pupils/students; the MOST I can do it for my daughter.” I made teaching her amongst my priorities. And she said, I’ve been doing a very good job. That makes it ALL WORTHWHILE!!! There is always #mombliss moments when I am with her. She makes me feel all #sMOTHEREDwithlove!!! Even during moments when we don’t agree much. (P.S. She doesn’t want it to be called “arguments”)

Information Take-Away:

A PUPIL is described as a person or learner who is enrolled in an educational institution or school. In most parts of the world, such as England and in Asia, the term “pupil” is used to refer to schoolchildren who are in the primary and elementary grades as well as those in secondary schools. The word pupil comes from the Old French word “pupille” which was derived from the Latin word “pupillus” which means “orphan, minor, or ward.” Its first known use was in the 14th century, and it was first used to refer to a student or disciple in the 1560s. This is true in most parts of the world. But in the United States, all who are attending an educational institution are called “students” regardless of age.

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