LDR?!? Long distance relationship with a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a partner. Passe!!!

I’m into LDP or long distance parenting. This is not in any way new. Many solo-parents like me have to endure this arrangement. It is when you choose to stay apart from your child or children to work in the city or in another country. However in my case, as I am also a solo-parent, I cannot be NOT A PARENT!!! We, who have chosen to do LDP juggle the responsibilities of being a parent amidst the distance.

When I decided to go for this arrangement, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with my #BunnyMunchkin. Of course, she didn’t want it. But she had little say on the decision. She was tasked with a very difficult thing to do: “to understand the situation”. She was puppy-dog eyed when we began our talk. Parts of the conversation went like:

Me: I know it’s not easy. I understand you feel sad.

She: (with puppy-dog teary eyes) I understand. But I will miss you.

Me: I will miss you too. I feel sad too. But I have to do this for now. (I made her sit on my lap so I can embrace her as we talk) We can always talk over the phone.

She: It’s different.

Me: Yes. It is. But different can be OK, can’t it?

She: Who’s going to teach me?

Me: Lolo and Lola are smart people. They can teach you. Lolo teaches you sometimes and help you with Math, right?

She: Yes, he is very good in Math. Lola is very good in Science. But they are not teachers.

Me: I know. They will not have Mommy’s tricks –and-trade in their bags. But, they will have different style and techniques to share too.

She: What if they don’t know?

Me: You know how Mommy does her online teaching, right?

She: Yes.

Me: We can do that. If I can teach them online, what’s stopping us to learn and study together, online?

She: (feeling confident) Nothing.

And she went on with her suggestions on how we can study together. And deep inside my heart is breaking.

Truth is, every parent doing the same LDP will agree, this the most heart-shattering decision we ever have to make with our children. It is not easy to be apart from them.