Kids nowadays express themselves so freely and uninhibited. Sometimes, it can be amazing in a good way. At other times, it’s like “Uh-oh”.

But she sees things differently now. I remember a conversation she had with her Lolo, last year. Of course we are talking about an Old Man born during the (pre-liberation years). This man measures intelligence with academic performance. That was how things had been for the longest time.

Lolo: So, who is the highest (scorer) in your test?
She: Me.
Lolo: What is (friend’s name)’s score?
She: I don’t know. I don’t remember?
Lolo: Is (same friend) smart?
She: Yes.
Lolo: But you must be smarter because you are highest (in score).
She: (irritated voice) Lolo, can you stop comparing smarts. People have different smarts. And it doesn’t mean that she is less smart because she scored lower than me.

The Lolo was of course even prouder after he heard that. And he was grinning all ears which irritated the little girl all the more. My father told me he was amazed where she got those ideas from.

From her two year old and the six year old versions, my little girl have had a paradigm-shift or a mind shift. I guess my job must have done that for my little girl.

She has visited me before in my work at La Salle Araneta. La Salle Araneta is an Inclusive Special Education institution. I was a Case Manager/SpEd Teacher there before. She saw my students and even played with our high school students whom she called Kuya’s. She also joined me several times for one-on-one tutorial, lesson and therapy sessions. She has observed some kids her age who are developmentally different from her capacity. I guess it also helped that I have a book called: Don’t Call Me Special.

As her TeacherMommy, I am truly amazed how she process information. I am happy with how she puts in her efforts to understand these things and how she tries to assimilate these things. I believe these things need effort and does not come naturally.