For a mom in LDP, holidays and vacations are bliss. It is a moment of quality time spent with my daughter, BunnyMunchkin. I think I got quite overwhelmed and was caught b/w our little together time and my much sought-after sleep on my beloved bed that I forgot about writing.

And my three-week holiday is now over (sobs..buhuhu). It broke me to pieces when she told me a few nights before I left her again that our together-time is almost over in a few days and I have to fly back to Manila. She went on to say she’ll miss me crying tears and hugging me tight as we snuggle on bed. But it’s a reality we have to deal with for the moment. I re-assured her that we will always talk anyway…that I know it’s different not getting the hugs…that I’ll miss those a lot too…but that “I’m just one call away…” (I started singing one of our songs: Charlie Puth’s One Call Away). She smiled…sang along and bursted; “Let’s have a HUG FEST!!” I answered that I was happy to oblige to my little troll’s request. She chuckled and pulled my hair together as in a very, very high pony-tail. “Yes, my Queen Peppy”; she chuckled some more. I hugged her even tighter and she whispered; “I am your Princess Poppy.”

Life is much sweeter and so much happier having her wrap her arms around me. It is sweetest and happiest when I wrap mine around her and kiss her head…but yes we have to part again. I have a whole lot of stories to relieve and tell you guys in the next days…that will help ease the loneliness a bit.