For me and my Bunny Munchkin, bathing in the rain is always a good and fun time for us. It is amongst the times when I become a “buddy” to her.

Personally, for me, it brings back carefree days of childhood and youth. I recall how much excitement the rain brings to me and my friends. We’d go out of our houses run around the neighborhood (village). If the rain is long enough we end up finding ourselves in the next neighborhood or subdivision or yes, as I said, village. We’d be playing tag as we bathe. I even have memories of going atop my friends’ roof and staying there while the rain pours. It was fun. It was a good life.

For my little girl, it’s building memories of her carefree days. If I remember correctly, we first made her bathe in the rain at age two. Sometimes, back in our old neighborhood, a neighbor mom would fill her inflatable pool halfway and let the rain take care of the rest. Her kids, mine and some other neighbor kids would all dip into that pool and have fun. When we left that place, the Bunny Munchkin’s love for bathing in the rain never stopped. My Facebook timeline will show several evidences to this.

Apparently, whichever neighborhood it was we found ourselves at, we bathed in rain, we danced and sang. Now, you may argue about rain being unsafe and may not be chemically beneficial. But emotionally, it is amazing. Feeling the water droplets crash against your face has its own emotional value. Getting drenched in the rain water makes us happy and happy people have good skin. So if you love the rain and would like to get wet in it, do not hold back thinking about the chemical composition of the rain. And as the adage goes; “Anyone who says sunshine brings much happiness has not danced in the rain.