Amongst every childhood milestones is learning to tie our shoe laces. Once upon a time, in our lives, we struggled with those laces, loops and bunny ears too. And needless to say, having had years of teaching children, I know it is not an easy task for them. Whoa!!! and for us adults, it is not an easy thing to teach either. In my field of Special Education, we even Task Analyze that into step-by-step process. I’ll share more on that “art” in Teacher’s Teacher in the next days.

So…let’s go back to my trail of thoughts…as mother on the other hand, I had been lucky. I’ve been spared off by the powers of (drum rolls, please…) Tah-Dah!!! Spongebob Squarepants. Hahaha…I can almost see questionmarks all-over your faces. And I read a big “Seriously?” plastered all over your forehead… But, yes, seriously, by Spongebob. Some mothers like me would have probably seen this episode where he was struggling over his laces. The episode repeated the processes of looping these laces. It was a bit hypnotic in a not fun way for an adult. It was a bit crazy!!! Yet, to my Bunny Munchkin, it was good. She got her own shoes and learned with him.

That particular evening, she continued trying. I remembered seeing her, wanting to help her out and resisting the impulse.

A few minutes later, she beamed with joy in her personal triumph. She was four then. She untied them and tried again. I felt a bit nervous. I know how easily frustrated she can become. But she did it. Oh!!! And I was just happy. I was secretly relieved too that I was spared the wrath of her frustration.

My Teaching Moment:

This is an easy take. I didn’t have to do much. I just made her watch a cartoon. I was near enough for potential need of supervision; but I was passive. I just observed her. She picked up.

Of course not every kid can learn the way mine does. My Bunny Munchkin quickly learns in multi-media stimulus and I have used this quite often. Some of which, needed a bit more clarifying after the video/show or movie. Still, some, like this instance did not require much from me except to be her “rah-rah girl” affirming her effort.