Last March 28, the BunnyMunchkin’s school had their Recognition Day for non graduating students. I remember the little girl making me promise as early as April last year to be home for the occasion. She told me she will make sure she gets to top her class again. She said it will be a happy moment for me and her to be together as she receives all her medals and awards.

True enough, she made it to the first honors. She has been consistently in the honor students list since her Kindergarten days.  She has been doing goal-setting since Grade 1 and has been really keen to keep her eyes on her goal. That alone makes me happy and proud. It is not easy for a kid her age to be perpense and purposeful, to conscientiously keep her pace.

I remember how hard she cried one afternoon because she had not perfected her exam in Mathematics. She was in Grade 1. Her little mind thought she had to perfect all activities and exams to be Top 1 and was very afraid she missed her goals already. We sat to talk this over. I explained how there are other factors being considered and how it was not really about a perfect score but a consistent and over-all high score. (Whahahaha!!! Forgive me and my father but yeah…we kinda explained the principles of averaging to her…in as much as she could grasp…and it was good she understood the picture of it).

That same year, when the school posted the top students, she came home overjoyed. She was so ecstatic running and jumping all around the house. She told me; “So this is how it feels like to be the first!!! I want to run, and jump and shout.”( It was as if she hadn’t really done all those yet. She had. LOL!) I, then asked her if she thinks she will feel the same if she did not make it to a goal. To which she replied; “No, I will just be shocked.”

This school year, she attained her goal. She ended Grade 2 as first honors. She was awarded the Excellence Award. She was also acknowledged for her best efforts in Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, Character Education and Reading. She is also an awardee for their Religion class and named “Batang Maasahan” by her teacher.

I mentioned about her being a medal-hoarder right? She told me that she and her friends were talking to each other after the ceremony and are all counting their medals. They are wishing they have about a thousand or more. (Really highly competitive bunch of kids!!!)

Amidst all the accolades; I am most proud of her unwavering effort to give her best.