Almost all (if not ALL) moms want to grow, to learn and to accompany their child’s life journey. Which generally means we wan to be present in every moment of our child’s life. But sadly, this doesn’t always happen for all moms. Many mothers find themselves facing life far far away from family and their children.

I am lucky enough to be just a few cities, provinces and waters away from my BunnyMunchkin. There are some who endure much farther distance.

It’s not anything new for most Filipino families, many mothers have found themselves in the land of Far Far Away, living as OFW’s to give their children and families better lives. Most cannot go home often due to particular situations they are involved in. The reasons are many. The distance between countries  –  continents – mostly.

For those who work abroad, sending a portion of their earnings to the family in exchange for a return flight ticket is deemed more in favorable as it lends the money to more fruitful use. Hence, the days in that Far Far Away place ends up becoming years.

The word that comes to mind is sacrifice, along with perseverance and suffering. In truth, most of the moms in the Far Far Away place do not see their children growing up, do not participate in their birthday parties, they are not present in important stages of their children’s lives.

I have heard a few people who eventually find it peculiar and strange to even see their mother’s face again. I even knew of one who feels a bit of apathy on te idea of seeing his mom again. Perhaps due to the gap that has occured in the years of absence of dialogue or even confrontation between him and his mother.

For most, maybe, when they become adults, become parents themselves, then; they can look at the past with more detachment and most of their questions will receive answers.

But for the moms Far Far Away, it is mostly love and hope for a better life to give their children that keeps them grinding each day.