She was elected to be the Class President. Now, she has been complaining of how rowdy her classmates are.

I advised her to put a Classroom Rules poster; but she could call it Classroom Agreement instead. I told her she can have her classmates agree to it by signing their names.

She asked how it would look like and I told her it could be a list. Then, I reminded her of something we had years ago in one of our homes. I reminded and showed her our old Balai Statement.

Balai is a word I preferred to use in reference to our home. It is of Indonesian/Malay origin meaning “house”. It is also the word used in the Visayan vernacular for a house. ¬†Aptly, we are of Visayan heritage.

Our Balai Statement goes to say that we:

Err…yes, we did have a house rule poster like a classroom rule poster. As they say; “Once a teacher, always a teacher.” My house is an extension venue to apply principles I’ve learned as part of the Academe.