I can no longer remember when she started leaving me love notes. It seems like forever.

Well, at least from how I remember it, she has been leaving and handing me love notes since she learned to scribble. It beagan with a few little art works she’d give me. When she learned to write letters and letter sound, she started writing some words…mostly without vowels though…and I had to do some form of decoding to decipher her message. But it was sweet altogether.

Soon enough she could spell. She must have been proud of herself that the love notes became more frequent. She never cared which paper she wrote me at. Whenever my schedule was rather hectic back then, we would leave each other notes. It was mom bliss to arrive after a long workday and finding her notes. Then she learned how to use the computer, I had notes everywhere in my files too.


When we were on our LDP/LDR, she left me notes on Viber.


And now, it just feels better to be home. Right beside her and still get some notes and artworks too.