I am no real chef. I am simply a mom who loves to play in the kitchen. I think I can claim that I make really good and savory meals, though. But sometimes, good tasting food isn’t enough for school-aged kids.

Now, I’m also not a bento-box expert. I don’t even know how to prepare a really cute bento box for her (although, I want to learn). I just like playing around and making her food look a little pleasing for her.

The simple act of carefully shaping the milk into a heart for her champorado (chocolate porridge) or at times a happy face on it; makes her really excited (until now). So, I take time to do it.

I admit that at some moments it’s entirely accidental. Just like that heart bubble on the milk in that picture above. But to her, those are signs of having placed “love” as a magic ingredient to her food.

But she is aptly right. Making her meal fun is love spelled out loud.