So, I gave a suggestion. She and the other class officers came up with their list.


She had me  write it down for their poster. I, of course, obliged to help. I preferred they wrote it. It was probably even better in their version. She insisted it will be clearer with better handwriting.

It was a truce. I wrote it on the big sheet. Finding some items similar to another, I kind of reduced it into fewer words.

They did the ornamentation and gave the final version to their teacher.

I did not get to see the final poster. She said her classmates happily signed it.

But she also shared a few comments like one classmate who jokingly said; “Oh no!!! No more freedom for the boys!!!”

It was responded to by another boy classmate; “I want to have a “behaved” classroom. I’m signing in.

Kids conversation can be amazingly funny. But, I am Thumbs-up for these kids. Kuddos to a job well done!!!