Fri-yay!!! A good day for a Fri-date.  A simple day-out to be shared by just us. And of course, there is the Mother’s Day weekend coming.  Truth is, we’ve had more than just a day to date this week. And that is great on our standards. Any time spent together is great! Just out on a date with her.

She has been an Iron Man fan since she was young. She was then very proud to say that “Iron Man is her favourite superhero.” She even used to compare my Clark Kent with her Tony Stark. And that fondness led to her watching a cartoon series of a young Tony Stark called Iron Man Armored Adventures. Naturally, she has watched most movies too. And, yeah, she has been silently begging for Avengers Infinity Wars. So, I gave in. We watched together with a stuffed cat she inherited from me. The cat was gift from her Dad before the separation and way before she was even born…which makes Nyei-Nyei more special for her.

'Avengers: Infinity Wars' scene shot in PH

Yes, that 'Avengers: Infinity War' scene was shot in the Philippines —It’s in Batad Rice Terraces, Banaue, Ifugao Province.

Posted by MANILA BULLETIN on Monday, April 30, 2018

We watched through the movie credits. She was amazed how many location shoots there were. And since her latest interest includes creating animated videos through Gacha Studio, she even shared a bit of knowledge on how films are edited. I can’t forget how her eyes almost popped-out when she read PHILIPPINES. Now, that was a biggie for a young Avengers fan. And she guessed the scene right!

She just couldn’t get over it quite easily. We slept late discussing what each infinity stone represented, how Thanos could actually use it better but he wouldn’t because he is Thanos. She has a series of possible outcomes running in her head. She preferred going through them than sleeping.

Our week ended with our not-so-special Fri-date. We had her lunch. Oh, of course, it was pizza. Then, we just walked through the day. She ate ice cream on a cone while wandering off. Acting like a kid with a hotdog on stick, I strolled along her. We bought a couple of essentials for us. She got to walk on the Plaza watching and tiring to catch a pigeon! We visited a church and lit candles as offering and prayer. We had a crazy loop on the PUV terminals (going back and forth – Thanks to her unmindful mother -LOL). She got to sneak on a local comedy movie whose title alone makes her chuckle; “Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat.” She had a good laugh watching at bus terminal seat. We got our cups of taho (soy curd with caramelized sugar and tapioca). Whoa! The sound of that made taho go on a next level.

It was a tiring hot summer Friday. Thankfully, it is filled with love.