Many civilizations have created ways to honor motherhood. It became an official observance in the United States in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation. It named the second Sunday of May as a day for public expression of love and reverence for mothers. Many other countries followed suit.

Every mom is different. We mother in different ways. That should be kept as a personal thing and respected.

Today, let me share a beautiful song to celebrate motherhood.

My mother’s day thoughts: If not for my daughter, I would never have the full blessings of motherhood. And I thank God for the gift that she is, knowing in my heart that I do not own her. She has only been entrusted to me. She is still her own being, a beautiful soul sent here on earth. I am not a perfect mother and will never be. I try to harness her and polish her to be who God has intended her to be. Motherhood is a big responsibility and accountability. I am thankful to have been chosen. When I hold my daughter and look in her eyes, it is still unfathomable.

To all fellow moms: I wish us all blessings and steadfastness. Be filled by our Creator’s love and grace; know he believed we can do this. Learn to trust in Him, if you begin to doubt yourself. Happy Mother’s Day!!!