My daughter’s school had their intramural activity this week. Earlier on, she, along with her friends had decided to join the dance competition. They have chosen their song; Baam of Momoland. they readied the dance steps. As much as I wanted to meddle, I realized that this a good moment for them. We have children learning to work together. I moved  back  and let the be. After all, I have seen many beautiful outcomes from activities where children are learning to work together. In fact, I have written about something about this on a later article.

Luckily, on of the girl’s older sister from the sixth grade came in to pitch in and help out. She dedicatedly rehearsed the children’s dance routine. And every single night, this week, my daughter would  rave about how good their dance is. She would tell me about the dance steps. She gushed about how she would attentively teach them when they are having a difficult time with a step. My daughter was amazed how she was keen to the details and was kind enough to teach them. All I heard was how these children are learning to work together.

My daughter  was excited about the whole choreography! The fact that they will be wearing same clothes as a team thrilled her even more. The team name was great for them; Four Seasons. It had a story behind it which they will remember as fun times. And yes, she was also certain they can bag the first place.

I was happy to see my daughter beam with delight as she tells me about all those before bedtime. Honestly, I have not seen her as excited for a while. I was also pleased that she saw how each of the team member mattered. How each may not be perfect but are really good at some parts of the dance. That made me smile from the inside-out. i know, she learned what a team is all about. She learned what collective effort is. It was a perfect collaboration. Those are beautiful for me. These were children learning to work together.

It is quite tempting to lurk around and guard our children too much or strictly. But sometimes, we have to give them a bit of space too. It is even more tempting to instruct them and budge them about winning. Then again, it is their competition not ours. We can just let it be and allow children learning to work together gather and do it for themselves too.

A few minutes before the competition began, they  were all saying they were confident of winning it. I said, we have no idea of how the other groups will be; but they have prepared enough to make sure they will please the judges. Then,one of them said; ”  It’s OK if we don’t  win because we had fun anyway.” they all agreed they had been having fun. Simply, children learning to work together. We, moms, reminded them to just give it their best dance..

And indeed, they danced well. true enough hey were declared winner. And they happily danced another time after the declaration of winners.

Here’s their dance (the second dance…the first dance video was a fail on my end.)