Beginnings almost always call for some organization and clean up. I’m still hurdling with myself and telling me to, “Get down and declutter!”

I am mostly OC (obsessive-compulsive) with seeing things organized. The sight of clutter is enough to drain my psyche! I’ve learned to ignore my compulsions through motherhood. Yes, bless me 🙂 But that in itself isn’t easy. There are still days (I count, many days) when I end up like a dog endlessly barking. But I try to be grateful for the mess I see. It reminds me of a young girl (I love to the moon and back…infinity and beyond…to forevermore) who loves me.

I often scream and tell her to get down, declutter her mess and shape up. Often, I am plagued with the idea that mess is becoming her norm. She has been a lot neater and tidier as toddler than she is now that she is a “ten-ager”. I tend to recount how I was back at age 10. It spirals me down to disappointment. It makes me question my mothercrafting and rearing her. (You moms hear me, huh? Been there, done that. Snap out!) And I do snap out. I chose to accept my Love is a chaos on her own.

This however is no way of saying, I will let chaos creep. (That will honestly kill me!) My OC nature lurks you know! It will constantly bang the door of my psyche. In as much as I embrace her chaos and my mine, I insist in getting down and decluttering every so often. I also want her to understand what clutter actually is.

“This is the definition of clutter: things that exist in your outer life to distract you from the inner things that you’re avoiding. If you avoid something, it grows…. The great thing is, the reverse is also true: when you honestly look at something, it shrinks. When you see the situation for what it is, bypassing the emotional layers that colored it and made it into a clutter monster, it becomes simple. That’s how peaceful clutter busting is. You’re honestly looking at each layer of distraction, questioning the thing, letting it go, and realizing what’s underneath. Looking directly at something has the power of a magnifying glass in the sun. The sun is you; the glass, your attention”

Brooks Palmer

Author, Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back

I personally believe what we see on the outside, manifest a great deal of what is inside us. I want this belief passed on to my child. And understanding that the mess have around us reflects the confusion, indecision and procrastination inside us is important. When we clear our stuff, we clear our mind.

So…if you like many people I know, have decluttered right before the 2018 ended, good for you! Cheers!!! Clap!!! Clap!!! And for those, who like me, have not completed the whole ordeal….Hugs!!! We can make this happen 🙂

Let’s rest in the idea that we have a few  weeks to buy off for the Chinese New Year!!! (Hahaha…there’s always a window of fresh air!)

Year of the Pig








How exactly do we get down and declutter?

There are mountains of clutter in everywhere!!! We are surrounded by chaos!!! (U-huh…)

There are endless commitments. (Busy much…whew!)

Piles of files…oh! and even the email and notification is filled up. (Whoa!!!)

OK…Let’s remember that the first step in inviting and creating the life we want is to get rid of everything we don’t. We need to intentionally decide what we really need and intentionally get rid of what we don’t. Let’s get down, start to tackle each item one at a time.

Mom…there’s a lot going on already, let’s not get overwhelmed.


PS. Let’s talk about this more tomorrow 🙂

Right now, it’s good we have accepted the chaos. It’s awesome we to admit we have clutter. Thumbs up for seeing it as unnecessary in our lives (yes, including our fears and reason for not facing up these clutter earlier on). For now, breathe. We are tossing away what’s unnecessary. We will eventually be more relax. Our remaining possessions will have a clear place in our lives.

Hands down now…moving on…