Let’s take it where we left off. Now, more serene; let’s keep calm and toss away. It’s time to tackle the clutter.

It is important that we intentionally desire the more organized space in our home and our lives. It isn’t enough to expect it. We’ll have to intend to do it and keep it. The intention brings us towards our action…or inaction.

With our intentions set, let’s move towards that direction. Staying calm and tossing away our clutter or the thing we honestly do not need nor want. Let’s tackle each item one at a time!

The Easy-breezy Declutter

  1. Just take about 20 minutes of your time today (and each day forward, as you would need). Choose a clutter you particularly are displeased with. It may be your closet, your side table, your work desk or even your inbox. Choose just one!
  2.  Put everything in one pile. Start with the first thing you got your hands on. Pick it up, place on the pile. But never put it back to the clutter.
  3. As you hold it, ask yourself: Do you really need this? Do you use it regularly? Does it make you feel happy?  If the answer to these question is a NO; be calm, toss it away! Whatever item that is, it’s not meant to stay. Create a pile ( better yet a box) for donate/give and recycle respectively. Someone else will make better use of it. Give it to that someone. Or you may have other ways of using it; do it now. Re-purpose and recycle..
  4. Stop! Twenty minutes is over. Let it go. Continue tomorrow for another 20 minutes. Repeat on the next days. Actually, you may want or have more than 20 minutes to spare. Good for you. Choose a comfortable length of time.
  5. Choose to do it daily. Keep calm and toss away. One small spot in your home/life at a time.

In a nutshell…

We do not want to get overwhelmed and exhausted. That is not our intention, so stay away from it. Don’t overdo the decluttering. Take it at bite-size. Chew comfortably. We all get more satisfaction when we are calm and are able to be present with the moment. So let’s intentionally handle what we can, and flow with the moment that we have. We will get it done!!!

Hands down now…moving on….