I was born in the Catholic faith. I spent 17 years of schooling in a Catholic institution. I have taught in a Catholic school and university. I had been a choir member for about 12 years or so. I have a good understanding of Lent and Ash Wednesday. Having been a teacher, I can explain it to my daughter. Yet, I resort to Youtube videos for help too. Yes, amidst all the scare on social media, videos and gaming; I resort to it. Helping our children understand what Ash Wednesday is and what practices we do in our faith is important. I am willing to use all available resource to help me out. As with most children her age; she is keen to multi-sensory stimulation in learning, videos are biggies.

Here’s a good video that explains what Ash Wednesday is:

And here is a pretty good thing to help our children understand Ash Wednesday readings:

I’ve sent my daughter to a secular educational institution. A Catholic catechist comes in to teach them about the religion. However, I personally feel passing on the faith and helping my child understand practices and holy days are part of my parenting task. I have intentionally chosen to actively involve myself in her education and learning process. I guess, all parents can consider taking on the lead to what we want our children to learn. After all, our children are part of the legacy we will eventually become.

That said…hands down now…moving on.