The definition of being good is being able to make it look easy.

Hugh Jackman

It is said over and again that successful people make it look easy.

When we watch at successful athlete playing they make what they do look easy. No matter what the sport it is, the skilled athlete manages to convince us that it is easy.

The awesome works is hard work. Most people will never see what the successful person does to master it. What they see is a winner making it look easy.

These amazing athletes make what they do make it look easy. Yet, we know it is anything but easy. When we get a behind the scenes look at what they went through to be so successful, we see hour upon grueling hour of practice and study they endured to raise their performance to their personal best.

“If people knew how hard I worked to gain my mastery,
it wouldn’t seem so wonderful.”


What looks easy on game day is the result of the commitment to hard work and the dedication to continued improvement. On the last post, I wrote about the illusion of the easy life. It is not the pretense of it but the skill of making it look easy.  

Most people I know often see me and say I always appear calm and relaxed – in control.

In great times, I get the admiration *applause, applause*

On other days, I get criticized of being too calm, relaxed and carefree.

What most people don’t ever see is the panic, rushing or hurry of all the thoughts in my head and how I juggle all these simultaneously. It is not really easy. It is a challenging task. It requires much courage.

I know that most moms rowing the same boat would agree that to do this you have to be good at what you do. To be good at what you do you will have to step up your game, learn , gain experience, try-out and cram until you are. You will seldom ask for help (not out of arrogance – just seems easier to by experience). You would seek advice, guidance, and an opinion perhaps, but seldom help.

By living life out, in both successes and failures or mistakes, you are able to make it beautiful; you make it look easy.

People on the look-out; those watching you tend to forget that you make it look easy because there is a reason. So, let all the praises and criticism roll. Keep going! You must be doing something good for them to think you are having it all easy-peasy! You are in good company of the pros.

Breathe in the courage. Summon your strength and do as the pros: prepare, practice, perform, evaluate, repeat–relentlessly. You will get there Momma, prepare to win and always be prepared to give your best.

Live your life beautiful. It looks all easy. You managed the illusion. You are getting keen. Salute. Hugs!

That said…hands down now…moving on.