She wanted to do this write-up and was very excited to share about the “Trolls”. I had given her the privilege to collaborate. But, the school’s monthly assessment came and she had to review. She bargained off. She said I can write about a movie.

Me: It’s December. It’s almost Christmas, how about a Christmas movie.
BM: Write about “Rise of the Guardians”.
Me: Oh yeah, it has Santa Claus and Jack Frost.
BM: Yes. And Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, the Sand Man…
Me: Wow!!! You still remembered.
BM: Of course. And there was the Boogeyman.

So, “Rise of the Guardians” it is. I think she was five when she saw this movie. She managed to re-tell the story but cannot write a summary just yet.

Me: But, what is this story about? Is there any lesson to this?
BM: The story teaches us to FACE OUR FEARS.
Me: Whoa!!! That’s a big lesson. And what has the “guardians” got to do it? It is entitled “Rise of the Guardians”.
BM: The Guardians helped the kids believe.
Me: That’s good. So, when we believe certain things we can face our fears?
BM: Yes. When they started to believe again, they defeated the boogeyman.
Me: Let me give you a big word, okay? It’s something really special about believing.
BM: Let me guess.

And so we did some guessing by giving out the initial letter sound and the ending letter sound..She couldn’t guess it. She asked for the middle sound. And that’s when my head went I’ll be giving the word…It’s one syllable word!!!

Me: It’s really a short word; but the meaning is REALLY BIG. The word is FAITH. You know what that is?
BM:( All smiles over the video chat) Yes that is believing without seeing. Like I believe in God. That is faith.
Me: Good. You know!!! And you know how that helps with fear?
BM: When you have faith, all fears go away 🙂

Sent out stickers of *hugs* and *kisses* over Viber.

Me: You know, I think the Man on the moon in the movie…I think that’s God.

That was an excellent teaching moment. But kid as she is her favorite characters turned out to be Tooth’s little fairy creatures. She said they are just so cute she wants to cuddle them. And her favorite part? It was when Jaime and Jack rode on a pan (as she perceived it) to attack Pitch. It was just so exciting!!!

**PS. The Rise of the Guardians has given different names for the classical icons of Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sand Man, Tooth Fairy and Boogeyman. Somehow, my generational influence rubs on the kid and she has known them by the iconic names of the past better than their movie names.