The BunnyMunchkin and I played-up an interview session about the movie. Here is the interview transcript:

Q: What movie did you watch?

A: SMURFS: The Lost Village


Q: When did you see it?

A: April 2, 2017


Q: Where did you watch the movie?

A: At Shangri-la Cineplex movie house


Q: What is the movie about? Can you briefly tell me the story?

A: Smurfette.

Yes! Smurfette was the only girl in the village, so she was curious about what she really was like until they went to the lost village. Smurfette felt at home in the lost village because she realized that not all Smurfs are named after their personalities. When the Smurfs of the lost village knew that Smurfette was made by Gargamel they thought Smurfette was at fault of leading Gargamel to the lost village…

(She didn’t want to tell the whole story so that people will still watch it.)


Q: What is your favorite part of the movie?

A: When Smurfette bluffed Gargamel (smiling a lot)


Q: Is Smurfette your favorite character? Why?

A: Yes! Because she is confident and she is almost EVERYTHING!


Q: What do you mean she is almost everything?

A: She is. She is almost everything. She can do anything she wants.


Q: What do you think is the lesson of the story?

A: You can be everything…IF YOU WANT TO (she laughed and she said it’s evil laughing she was doing –lol!!!)


Q: Will you recommend this movie to your friends?

A: Yes! It teaches you that you are not just one word. You are many words.


Q: So, you like the movie? How many stars will you give it?

A: YES!!! For me…A GAZILLION!!!