Here’s a little toy little girl left me last April.  She is a baby raccoon  according to her.  I called her RB for a while until she told me that the name was Violet.

Violet likes nuts.  She joins our video calls (with me,  changing my voice into a squirky little cracking voice). She enjoys me playing up with my voice a lot.  😂😅😂And that is not something I will always do openly.

After a while,  she told me more truth about Violet.  Violet happens to be the daughter of a Marvel hero!!!  Violet is Rocket’s daughter.

Rocket is busy is outer space as he is a Guardian of the Galaxy.  My little girl told me to allow Violet to  talk to her Dad by giving Rocket my contact info.  She said it is very important that the baby talk to her parent even when they are far away.  Then she told me not to worry much as Violet completely understands why Rocket has to be far away.

So,  in case you  all are clueless like me.  😂😂😂 Rocket is a single dad to a baby raccoon named Violet

NB.  This little girl has vivid imagination 😜😉😬