I’ve just though of something new to share; some sort of snipet thought to think over as teachers. And I’d call it TeachBits 🙂

Let’s have TeachBits 001: Take your rules seriously.

Always present your classroom rules firmly. Avoiding hinting a plead, question, negotiation or doubt. Kids arevery keen on that pitch change in our voices. They even notice the slightest twitch in our eyes or lips. Yes! Our students are keen in reading their teachers even if they don’t always respond accordingly. They notice 🙂

Thing is, they also notice when we are feeling unsure or weak on our conviction. Needless to say, if they see there’s space to bend. They will. They will circum-navigate the rules and attempt to squeeze themselves on that space.

Hence, we should remember to take our rules seriously. Our students will do the same.

We are the adults in the room. We manage the kids inside it.