It’s Tuesday TeachBits 🙂

We all get caught up with all other teacher-tasks don’t we? Lesson plan, papers to correct, reports to do, meetings, and the list goes on. Somethimes, teachers get their energy poured out on all the demands of the school administrators and districts, they sadly have less energy to expense their most important task – teaching!

We are not perfect. If the moms should put the Supermom capes out; then teachers should too. We can get tired!!! Sometimes, we get teachers who end up snapping, screaming, yelling and sobberly shouting on top of their lungs. Stop.

Stop, right there. Listen to yourself. Are you whining? Are you nagging? Do you like what you are hearing? Do you even hear yourself amidst the classroom noise?

Breathe, my dear teacher. If you do not like what you hear, and if it exhaust you too much. Stop. Do something about it.

Maybe…stop a while, sit in the middle of the room and look at the students, until they sobber and you can talk more calmly.

Maybe…write what you want to say on the board. Write down your instructions and let them begin teir work.

Or maybe….how about miming in front of the class. they’ll start to pay attention. Give them the instructions through a mime and see who can get it.

Oh…just think and do something about theway you are speaking.