It’s been a while since I wrote a Teachbits post. Anyway, here it is now. Beat the boredom. Yeah, boredom is good, but not during our lesson. We know that children learn more when actively involved. They cannot be actively involved while being bored. And though, allowing children to be bored is good. I still believe it is not when inside the classroom whilst having a lesson.

We have all been students and learners too. We all know how boring a lecturing voice can be, especially during the holy hours! So, let’s not be the same old track. Let’s play a different tune altogether. Mostly, we parents and teachers were part of the MTV generation. We adored the glitz, the movement, the beat and rhythm. Our minds have wondered off to our own MTV while boringly dealing with plain lectures on one time or the other. Our attention gets caught when something upbeat was presented to us. It was tough catching our attention too. Our teachers back then had to beat the boredom off us too.

But now, the game has changed! This is no longer MTV generation. They are YouTube, Facebook, IG, Netflix, Spotify, VR, Minecraft, Roblox generation to name a few. So let’s not get left behind! Let’s level up to their linggo. The thought of what influences and shapes our children’s minds now can cause a grimace on our face. But we can use these tools are reinvent their purpose to fit education.

Let’s take a look at YouTube and Eddie Woo. This teacher has made excellent use of YouTube. People are loving him and how he is teaching. They even say he is one teacher you will wish you have way back high school. He beat the boredom off so well.

We’re probably not all amazing as Mr. Wootube. But we can probably can use a bit of the technology in our simple ways. We can use memes to highlight our lesson topics with great, catchy visuals and captions. Yeah, they fall for those stuff. They tend to remember them well too. So, why not use it? The funnier and crazier the better to beat the boredom off the room.

Now, there’s this game, Minecraft. Minecraft is pretty popular with children. Yes, it’s well-loved by our special education needs children students too. Minecraft has an interesting version intended for education! i actually read a good review of it from a namesake! Yeah, it was interesting enough to find a blog namesake – MommyMaestra; but even more interesting what she said about Minecraft for homeschooling. I am not homeschooling but this is a good resource too. She reviewed homeschooling lessons that make learning fun for young Minecraft lovers of all learning abilities. Allowing children to immerse themselves in something they already fancy is a sure-ball way to beat the boredom from an idea we are introducing them to. Read more about her review:

A review on homeschooling lessons that make learning fun for young Minecraft lovers of all learning abilities.