So now it’s shoe laces that got me writing and storytelling. Got me tinkering on the keyboards and strung my thoughts together. Here’s what started this trail…

One morning, one pupil approached me to help her with her shoes. I just motioned for her to put her foot in front of me. And so she did. Before I even touched the shoe laces, she beamed out saying; “I can do the knot but that’s all for now.”

Me: That’s a pretty good start. So, it will be a little similar but you have to loop up now.

Then, I slowly motioned the whole lacing-thing. She carefully watched with a smile of confidence. She was feeling she can manage When I was done, she volunteered to do her other shoe on her own. I gave her the chance she needed.

A few seconds later, she grinned. She was unsuccessful. I took on. She needed to be join the class by that time. I told her it takes a while but she can learn as she did with the knot. She smiled. I extended a few lines more to say…

“Some things take more time…but we can learn it and even make it perfect with the right practice.”

Later on that day, I saw her still trying. A little more time and one friend came over to say she already knows how. She offered to help. And it was a beautiful sight to see them learn by sharing and by experience.

This little girl is still learning ‘til now. That is absolutely fine. What’s spectacular is the fact that she does not give up on learning this skill and feels fine seeking help from her peers.

Teacher Thoughts: These kids were learning beyond the skill of lacing. They were learning generosity and initiative by sharing what they know. Another is self-acceptance where they are able to identify and own that which they can and cannot do without feeling too much shameful. More importantly they are learning cooperation and synergy.