I have been in the education industry for more than a decade now. Yes! More than a decade but just got licensed now.

Finally took my board last March. I learned that I passed it last May. Then, I got the card and PRC Certification last Thursday. I am now officially a licensed professional teacher with my PRC ID Card!!! (This late post is due to power issues here in Bohol.)

What took me looong?!?

Well, Education not being my major and having no real intent to be a teacher earlier on, it was never in plan. I actually finished a degree in Psychology and went to Law School (yeah…believe it…I did that) for a year thereafter.

I started teaching as a breather and to think Law School over; but I fell for it. I stayed. After three years as an inclusive education preschool teacher I took my Graduate Studies. I enrolled for MA Education major in Special Education. But I still didn’t get a license.

After a few units in MAEd, I found myself teaching college level. College Instructors did not need the teacher’s license. Psychology had no license in the Philippines back then. (Of course now, it does). The thought of getting the teacher’s license was pushed back. Then, I got invited to be a counselor and behavior coach for patients diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. My world moved in the areas of assessment, counseling/coaching behaviors and teaching children with special needs. I have had job titles as Psychologist ¬†and Counselor before R.A.10029. Eventually, I found myself moving through these areas as a freelancer.

I failed to file for R.A. 10029’s grandfather’s clause. This had me thinking. I began rethinking the license issue. And my good former college professor advised me to its advantages and urgency. I pinned the choice and went for it.

Huli man daw at magaling; maihahabol din.” It’s better late than never. Life begins at forty!!!

I can give so many cliche to excuse what other people may call procrastination (bear with me my mind is laughing out loud). No, I didn’t take it for formality. I took it as part of who I am. I’m not halfway the journey yet, so spare me the judgment. For now, I am happy to be LPT, Licensed Professional Teacher even if I have no classroom now.