Saw this on my instagram feed and I loved the idea so much!!!

I think most teachers loved it too. #TeacherTag and more specifically hashtag: once a student, now a teacher or #onceastudentnowateacher.

I believe it was the idea of @_swoopintoprimary. The idea was to post a picture of yourself at whatever age/grade you’re teaching, along with a current picture.

I’ve been through the rounds of education so it will go like a timeline collage for me (lol). BUT, I am back to being her mommy teacher now. She is now eight, a third grader. This was taken the summer break before my fourth grade. Here is my: Once a third grader, now a third grade mommy-teacher.

I’ve always thought I looked gawky growing up. My little girl is a lot graceful in appearance than I was. (And I will have to stress that it is in appearance. I have always been refined and soft in my ways, though).

As an educator, I have taught preschool, lower grades, coached teens and taught college. So here’s another collage of my days in those ages: as a Nursery, Prep, lower grader, high school and college student.