This is an appeal to teachers from a Nazi Camp survivor. The writer was a school principal.

I saw this floating through as I surfed the internet. It is definitely worth the share. May educators be reminded….


“I am a survivor of a concentration camp.¬†

My eyes saw what no person should witness.

Gas chambers built by learned engineers.

Children poisoned by educated physicians.

Infants killed by trained nurses.

Women and babies shot and killed by high school and college graduates.

So, I am suspicious of education.

My request is, help your students be human.

Your efforts must never produce learned monsters,

skilled psychopaths,

or educated maniacs.

Reading and writing and spelling

and history and arithmetic

are only important

if they serve to make more students human.”

My heart wrenched at the thought of how education, information and now, technology has dimmed our conscience. It is ironic that advancements has led to the deterioration of our humanity at core. This appeal to teachers from a Nazi Camp survivor is ever more resonating. And it is sad.

This is an appeal to teachers from a Nazi Camp survivor, but it should be the same appeal we ought to claim. Especially, we parents, must forge on this appeal. I do not see education to be worth is if all our children will someday march as zombies without affect, without compassion, without humanity.

I join this appeal of a school principal who survived the Nazi concentration camp. Let us help develop not just cognitively, but also affectively.