I have been invited to give the opening remarks for my daughter’s School Intramural Culmination Ceremony. These things I have  to do as the PTA President, Thinking of what to say in a speech or remark awakens the teacher in me. Instantly, my mind was listing the benefits and good things about school intramural. And here are some that I have pegged;

  • It showcases the student’s talents and abilities, both individually and as a team.

There is definitively many occasions for the students to showcase their abilities and talents. A school intramural is one of those. It is especially true for sport activities. more  importantly, however, the good thing about a school intramural is that it paves way for student’s ability to work collectively or as a team. As the students showcase their skills and talents, they also learn to work with other people. They learn to see that it is not all about them as an individual. They learn to see beyond themselves. The good thing about having school intramural is that, the child’s “I” is challenged. It becomes ‘we” and “us”. they learn by experience that what they do affects others. It affects their  team.

  • Intramural activities prove that everyone in a group plays a role.

We cannot avoid having some wallflowers. There are students who would not volunteer nor participate actively. They do not see themselves as athletic enough, or they are not performers. It does not mean however, that they have not contributed to the camaraderie of the school activity. What is good about a school intramural is the fact that it is school-wide event where everyone plays a role no matter how unnoticed. In activities like these, the more socially adept and sensitive people move into action. These are those students who willingly give the cheer and encouragement the athletes need. They also provide as critics for friends who are rehearing for a performance. Still, some are happy enough to bring in snacks and refreshments upon request – those water-boys/girls and those “runners”. Woven altogether the students see that a team or community will always benefit from a little help. After all, not everyone can be the superstar,

  • It teaches that life is not all about the winning, the reward, the first place. 

I will not deny that wining and bagging a reward is bliss. Victory is always sweet, indeed. But it is not the “all” of it. The good thing about school intramural events is that it magnifies that effort matters more.It shows that all the rehearsals and practices are important as well. If not, more important.

It was all the mistakes and flaws of the rehearsals and practices that taught the students they are not perfect. They don’t know it all yet. It gave a great opportunity to learn and to improve. It tells our students that each day is a new chance to get better.

Likewise, the almost perfect moments of the practices and rehearsals gave them confidence. It made them believe in themselves and in what they are capable  of.

  • It is an opportunity to appreciate failing and to not be losers.

This is something I always tell my daughter. School intramural activities are good because it helps the students appreciate that not winning does not necessarily mean losing. It is an event to show the students that failing is not  a lost. As they say, F.A.I.L. is First Attempt In Learning! they did not fail, they learned. They did not lose because they are not quitting just yet.

OH…but the opening remark was short.. I did not say it this way ;P

Let alone, school intramural events are not necessarily a waste of time. Students learn life lessons which are hardly manifested in a class lecture.